Saturday, January 07, 2006

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In conclusion

As we can all tell, I've quit posting to my blog, but I figure I should give official notice of my indefinite-leave-of-absence. I'll keep the page up - why not? - and end with one last little anecdote.

Today I was standing in line, listening to the conversation of the two people in front of me. Hey, what else was there to do? Most of it was dull, but there were a few bits that struck me as telling somehow. I'll try to give you the gist of it as best I can:

"Bill" (for so I shall call him): you've never been to the basilica? (the Minneapolis basilica is not far from where we were standing in line)

Jane: no.

Bill: oh, you should go, it's cool.

Jane: what's cool about it?

Bill: well, it's funny, there's this huge altar, you know, from the old days, and the priest has to face away from the congregation. Then there's this tiny little altar in front of it, which is what they started using after, you know, they turned the priests around and stuff. They can't turn around the other altar because it's attached to the wall.

Jane: I never go to churches. They're scary; it creeps me out. I think it's all the dead people in there, from funerals and stuff.

Bill: so do you feel the same way about cemetaries? (a rather incisive question I thought, especially given her answer)

Jane: well, kind of, yeah. (She clearly realized that this didn't sound very persuasive, and changed her stance): they're just so dark and smelly and dusty.

Bill: yeah.

[somewhat later]

Jane: I should go to that gay church sometime.

Bill: what gay church?

Jane: oh, you know, the one...[gives directions to said church]. They like, make a big deal about accepting gays.

Bill: well actually, all of the churches are okay with it really, except the Catholics. Like the United Methodists....

There was something vaguely through-the-looking-glass about that conversation....

p.s.: on the Tridentine front, I've not gone there lately - but that changes tomorrow! Up at 7, on the bus by 8:30, and in church by...11:00 (yes).