Saturday, May 20, 2006

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Ah, work

One of those things of which one may say, "can't live with it, can't live without it" - alas, I am once more "experimenting" with the second half of that antithesis; in other words, my temp job is over. Search for actual job still continues.

But life has its pleasantries. Consider these things from What's Wrong With The World by G.K. Chesterton:

"Eighteenth century tyranny meant that you could say "The K__of Br__rd is a profligate." Twentieth century liberty really means that you are allowed to say "The King of Brentford is a model family man.""

"Some impatient trader, some superficial missionary, walks across an island and sees the squaw digging in the fields while the man is playing a flute; and immediately says that the man is a mere lord of creation and the woman a mere serf[...]It may often be in Hawaii simply as it is in Hoxton. That is, the woman does not work because the man tells her to work and she obeys. On the contrary, the woman works because she has told the man to work and he hasn't obeyed."

"We told our wives that Parliament had sat late on most essential business; but it never crossed our minds that our wives would believe it."

"Seemingly from the dawn of man all nations have had governments; and all nations have been ashamed of them."

I may remark in passing that when people say that government rests on force they give an admirable instance of the foggy and muddled cynicism of modernity. Government does not rest on force. Government is force; it rests on consent or a conception of justice."

He had style, that one did.