Sunday, May 07, 2006

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Busy, busy, busy

The temp job has gone on longer than I expected, which is good, but doesn't leave me with so much free time/energy.

Anyhow, one of the standard things you hear about the Tridentine Rite nowadays, is that it has all these "accretions" that the Novus Ordo simply removed. Which is funny, because when I actually go to the local (somewhat-local) TLM, it's not quite obvious to me just what these are. Looking through the Missal doesn't help me a lot, I'm afraid. Is it the repetitions of "dominus vociscum," "et cum spiritu tuo"? Well you know, even if you have some odd objection to that, it hardly seems worth going to so much effort just to get rid of it.

But I should really say, that I was confused at first. Then I learned what an "accretion" is. Some combox poster was running down the Tridentine Mass and referred to the Last Gospel as an "accretion" - at this point, it all fell into place. Reading the great hymn to the Word at the end of every Mass is what they mean by "an accretion". Likewise everything else in the old Mass, however beautiful and appropriate it may seem to us plebes, is known to expert liturgists as "an accretion" if it resembles something else in the old Mass. If you have a Psalm or part of a Psalm in one part of the Mass, and a Psalm or part of a Psalm later in the Mass, then that's an accretion. If you end a prayer with, "per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen" and then end another prayer in the same manner, that's an accretion. If the priest makes the sign of the cross here and also there, that's an accretion.

I think I get it now. Well, good thing they changed all that. A shame the way some people don't want to get with the program.